Kaapeli Media Centre services

Kaapelin Mediakeskus Oy (Kaapeli Media Centre Ltd) offers the following services:

Visitor and tenant services 

Kaapeli Media Centre Ltd is responsible for running Cable Factory’s Konttori, Cable Factory’s Tehtaanmyymälä (factory shop) and info point at Cable Factory. 

Cable Factory’s Konttori houses a café, a Posti parcel machine, workspace and meeting rooms for rent, a cultural magazine gallery and Microgallery presenting the works of the tenants every month. In addition, various events are organized at Konttori. The tenant services are focused in Konttori. 

Tehtaanmyymälä is a gift shop and it is located in the main lobby. Information services and ticket sales can be found at the information point next to the shop. 


(Kaapeli Media Centre Ltd has sold its internet and hosting operations to a new company, Kaapelinetworks Oy, founded by the owner of Grok IT Oy, which previously provided these services as a purchasing service. Invoicing as well as sales, maintenance, and support services have been transferred to Kaapelinetworks Oy starting from March 1, 2024.

Contacts from March 1, 2024 onwards are:

Egil Silfver, tel. +358 (0) 50 525 6438, egil.silfver (at) kaapelinetworks.fi

Jaakko Hämäläinen, tel. +358 (0)45 197 1979, jaakko.hamalainen (at) kaapelinetworks.fi.)

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