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We have spaces for long-term rental at the Cable Factory, N10 and Suvilahti to individuals, groups and companies. Old industrial sites and buildings offer inspiring working spaces in a unique environment.

Kiinteistö Oy Kaapelitalo has a long experience in renting and renovating buildings. Our offices are sought-after rental properties, and vacancies are rarely available.

We aim at finding tenants who support the development of the whole concept as well as other tenants.

We want to promote a diverse cultural offering in Helsinki, which is why our rental tariffs are staggered. The rent of a space is usually agreed separately in a negotiation situation, because the premises are different, quality-wise (for example location or level of equipment) and size-wise. 

The Cable Factory

Office and business premises are rented out at the Cable Factory.

Office and work spaces
The size of the facilities varies from small to large facilities up to several hundred square meters. Workspaces at the Cable Factory are suitable, for example, for quiet work, such as writing and design.

It is possible to modify the square footage of larger commercial and business premises according to the tenant’s wishes.

Studio spaces
The size of the studio spaces varies between 14 m2 and over 100 m2. We do not rent these ourselves directly, but we do inform about vacant studios and deadlines for applications through artists' associations. We do not accept inquiries about studio spaces.

Music and band facilities
Music and band rooms at the Cable Factory are for training and playing music, and they are built as studios. The facilities are located in the basement of the Cable Factory. The premises are approximately 30–60 m2 in size. The music and band facilities are usually full and there is not much turnover.

Storage facilities
Storage facilities are rented to the existing tenants of the building.

Interested? Fill out a rental application on Cable Factory's website!


N10 rents affordable offices and warehouses in Vallila. The average size of offices is about 25 square meters. 

Contact N10 for more information! 


Various office and work spaces are rented in Suvilahti. You can find both small one-person studios and larger office spaces of up to several hundred square meters. 

Interested? Fill out a rental application on Suvilahti website

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