Kaapeli Media Centre Ltd

Kaapeli Media Centre Ltd at the Cable Factory is a subsidiary of KAAPELI.


Kaapeli Media Centre Ltd at the Cable Factory moved under KAAPELI in 2017 and it offers visitor and tenant services at the Cable Factory.

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The history of Kaapeli Media Centre Ltd

The company started its operations in 1998 under the name Lasipalatsi Media Centre Ltd. Between 1998 and 2015, it managed Lasipalatsi (Glass Palace) in the heart of Helsinki, which was originally built as a media center for the Helsinki Olympic Games.

The city of Helsinki founded the company with the support of the European Union's Urban Pilot funding to bring modern technology and information technology services closer to people. Lasipalatsi soon became a center for various IT experiments and media industry operators.

Lasipalatsi housed, for example, Kirjakaapeli, which was the first in the world to offer free internet access to the public. (Kirjakaapeli was established at the beginning of 1994 at the Cable Factory from where it moved to Lasipalatsi in 1995, where it stayed until 2005 apart from a renovation.) Lasipalatsi also housed the youth music show Jyrki on TV and a morning TV programme.

In 1999, Media Centre established Book on Demand publishing house, which specialized in literature with a small distribution, such as poetry and visual editions. As a publisher of plays, it was the largest in Finland. Book on Demand was also a bookstore specialized in books from small publishing houses as well as a digital printing house, which was the first in Finland to offer printing services to private customers through the Omakirja service. Book on Demand ended its operation in 2012.

In 2013, Föreningen Konstsamfundet proposed to the city of Helsinki that a new art museum would be built in Lasipalatsi and the square outside. The following year, the Helsinki City Council approved the transfer of the building to a real estate company owned jointly by Konstsamfundet and the city of Helsinki.

In January 2016, the construction work of the museum Amos Rex and the renovation of Lasipalatsi began. Media Centre moved from the museum to the Cable Factory, and it became a subsidiary of KAAPELI in 2017. At the same time, the name was changed into Kaapeli Media Centre Ltd.

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